Did You Know...

That it takes two people to have an argument? When people and their unique personalities collide there is the possibility of conflict. When conversations cloaked in conflict occur, the situation often becomes combative. Romans 13:18 says, “if it is at all possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” When you engage in a combative dialogue, you place yourself on the battlefield and become part of the fight. We are called to bring peace not conflict. To resolve not revenge. Imagine that…some of those battles that you are involved in right now actually have nothing to do with you! You just allowed yourself to be pulled into a vortex of rebellion. Wherever you are involved, you have been asked by the apostle Paul to live at peace with EVERYONE. It’s not conditional. Be careful WHAT you engage in. Be careful WHO you engage with. Today you may come upon people involved in a combative banter. Remember this cup of joe that you have enjoyed and choose your battles wisely. Be a peace-maker not a peace- taker.


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