Yesterday was supposed to be my 23rd wedding anniversary. As I got up to preach to our congregation and looked at the title of the message I was bringing, I was once again moved by how well the Lord "orchestrate" and "orders" our steps. Though I have "survived" this life that comes after divorce, I still feel the emotions on every anniversary date. And every year I move one step farther away from that season in my life that could have finished the game for me.

You may have some baggage from the past that continues to grab ahold of your thoughts and emotions too. The good news is that God knows where all of us are and how to bring us through what we are going through. We can endure. We can get stronger. We can even experience new growth and new things. We can train ourselves to deal more effectively. Paul gave us some great insight in 2 Timothy that may help you understand and be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. You find it in 2 Timothy 2:1-6:
#1 Endure Hardship-tough times come. The feelings and thoughts are part of a battle you must learn to fight. Don't worry about getting over them: just get through them:ENDURE
#2 Compete Fairly- athletes must have respect for the rules:in times of struggle and especially when we feel defensive our instinct want to fight unfairly, anything to win. Dedicate yourself to getting better and pay attention to the rules
#3 Consistent Hardwork-the analogy is the farmer who toils in the field to make certain that what he has planted continues to grow. Everything he does is looking ahead to the harvest. Be very certain, harvest time for you is coming too!

Reflect on what you have just read and as Paul said, "the Lord will give you insight into all of this." You are a SURVIVOR!


Randy said…
I think for most people, surviving is the goal. However, I am glad that you finally got to it in your sermon, even though it sailed right over the heads of most, We should really desire to thrive, not just survive.

God Bless you, as you are a blessing to many.
CraigD2599 said…
Men who live in boxes under bridges are surviving. I want to live.
I feel for you well know. Mine has been gone for 9 years now and occassionally still shows up in a dream or a memory. But God has his hand on it all and my story has helped lots of yours has too. Love ya man!