His Plan

I know that the Bible tells me that God has a plan for my life: one that brings good things and always turns out for my benefit.(Jeremiah 29:11) finding out what it is, well that is another story!
I wish that there were signs like this one in the elevator that would speak clearly to me so that I would not make mistakes. But then, aren't mistakes part of the learning too? Why does it always seem like i get off on the wrong floor? Perhaps we should just keep moving forward, keep trusting Him and let Him lead the way through the good AND the bad. I am certain that when it comes time to exit this season and move to the next, the way will be made known!


Katy said…
This really resonated with me Joe- and it was perfect timing to read it today. I had some bad news yesterday and although I know it's part of a large plan I wish I knew how.

I will keep moving forward. Thank you x

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