The Anchor of FAITH

FAITH is one anchor for your life. Without faith we cannot please God and with it we can do the impossible. Faith has allowed me to write and publish 3 books, produce the largest Christian concert in history and start a non-profit organization to help people unlock the dreams they have been given and the purpose they were destined for. Faith is the embodiment of all that we are hoping for and it allows us to see all that has not yet come to pass. It’s stepping out on nothing and just when we get ready to put our weight upon that foot, something solid is there to stand on. We live in a world that must see in order to believe. When we have anchored to FAITH, we believe many things before we actually see them. Sometimes the best way to predict the future is to create it. When we can believe in the dreams and the ideas that have been planted in us by God, we agree with their potential and we acknowledge that we are ready for them to manifest in our lives. It takes the same amount of energy to doubt and there is no benefit in doubt. What have you always believed in your heart that you were supposed to do? Perhaps fear, timing, or peer pressure have hindered you. Today, take a baby step today towards that dream. While you are stepping, see yourself in the place that you imagined yourself being.
For All I Trust Him…F A I T H…that’s faith!