The Anchor of PURPOSE

The Anchor of Purpose. Oh to have a dollar for every book or sermon that has been written or preached on purpose! I even wrote one myself called Dreams2Destiny! Purpose is the motivator for practice. If you play in the game and hold a position on the team, then you have a purpose and that compels you to practice to become all that the team needs you to be: to unlock or tap into your potential. Part of the fun in discovering purpose is the exploring that takes place when you seek it. The realization that God is in control and that you are being guided on a path that will bless you beyond your wildest dreams is pretty cool. Yet, so many feel there is no reason to exist. They have been told things and treated in such a way as to believe that they do not make a difference. Know this...YOU matter to God. And whether you see it or not it or not, there are people that you touch everyday that no one else would have spoken to, no one else would have helped had you not been there. Part of your purpose is to build up people and encourage them. To offer them the hope that comes in Christ. To teach them how to exercise their faith and believe God for incredible things. And to love them through seasons of brokenness and heartache. We are all on this ship together, fellowship, and when we pray for daylight God will answer. Your breakthrough may happen this hour…the afternoon or this month! Are you ready?