Drop 4 anchors and pray for daylight....

In Acts 27:29 "they dropped four anchors from the stern and prayed for daylight"
Picture a boat full of prisoners being transported to another place. The apostle Paul was one of them. A furious storm arose and all of them thought they were going to die. In the middle of the turmoil Paul got a Word from God. The word was "stay with the ship". They were throwing off cargo to lighten the load and some of the men thought about jumping into life rafts to get to the land which was barely visible through the winds and rain. Paul told all of them to hang on and stay in the boat and they would live. He followed through on that divine revelation.
How do you stay with the ship when you are at the point of exhaustion, filled with fear and barely able to catch your breath? You drop four anchors and pray for daylight. Anchors are symbolic of stability and whenever you are being tossed to and from, you need to establish some stability. You need to make a decision and then stick with it, whatever the cost. Over the next few days we would look at the anchors of stabilioty. They are faith, hope, love and purpose. If we can learn how to anchor ourselves to these, we can weather any of life's storms and arrive at the place that God wants us to be.