Excerpt from my newest book in progress...TRANSITIONS

At about 3am, right in the middle of that storm, Jesus comes toward the boat. The disciples see this figure on top of the water and they scream in terror because they cannot tell who it is. Jesus spoke and assured them that it was all right. He said I am here, don’t be afraid. There was a disciple in the boat that was known for his boldness and brazenness. His name was Peter. Peter is that guy that is not afraid to say what he feels. He’s that guy that often hurts your feelings because he is so brutally honest and callous in his presentation. He has passion and wears all of his emotions on his sleeve. And if you try to take the Lord out of his life, he’ll cut your ear off!
When the voice of Jesus was heard, Peter said, “Lord, if its really you, tell me to come.” Think about what Peter was really saying. Lord, I can’t see you but I have heard that voice before. And though I cannot SEE you in the middle of this storm, I can hear your voice. I want you to keep speaking so that I can move in the direction of that voice. For me the hardest part of enduring transitions is the ability to distinguish all of the voices and get focused in on Jesus’ voice.
Perhaps today we can let the white noise fade and the voice of Jesus come through. If you need direction he'll say "this is the way, walk here." If you feel alone he'll say "I will never leave you or abandon you." You may not SEE him in the storm.But if you listen, you will hear His voice and He you can find Him as you follow it.