when I grow up...

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be an astronaut, a fireman, a pro baseball player and one of the Beatles! I think we all need to have dreams of becoming something. The bible says that people die when they have no dream and no vision. Throughout my life God was allowing me some interesting parallels to what I dreamed I'd be. Let me explain.
Like an astronaut I have often gone where no man has gone before...I like shooting for the stars.In many of the jobs I had in younger years I would be required to settle disputes, manage or "put out fires" in the office. I had a very successful baseball career until I stopped in college. And I think I have worn my hair in the style of every one of the Beatles!
What I see is that God put something in me years ago that would be ignited when I discovered it and put it to work in my life. I often tell myself what I am going to do. Maybe its so I can hear myself say it. Perhaps it is to agree with the desires God has placed in me.
What do you want to be now? Where do you want to go? What are you feeling on the inside; in your spirit? It's never to late to dream and God is searching for people that are willing to let the astronaut and fireman come out. You can do anything He says you can do? So what are you waiting for? You can't win if you don't begin!