Being the Ultimate Survivor

How many times a day to you feel like doing a good thing and suddenly, the desire to do a bad thing enters the scene and you struggle? It's not something coming from the outside, it's all internal? There is a show in television called SURVIVOR and the three words in the logo give us a map for how to survive this internal struggle that everyone experiences, even the apostle Paul in Romans 7. Outwit, Outplay and Outlast. To outwit the enemy we have to renew our mind. According to Romans 12:1,2 that will “transform” everything else. Take every thought “captive” and delete anything that is contrary to God’s Word. To outplay the enemy we go to our body, the bible calls it the temple of the Most High God. If you are always sick and tired guess what kind of attitude you will allow to be represented? We are to get strong and stay strong so that we are not only able to finish this race as winners but so that we can help others who are not as strong finish too! And finally, to outlast the enemy, we go to our spirit. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. It is the spirit of a man that sustains him in sickness it says in Proverbs. The only way to pull all of these together is to have a life that is surrendered to Jesus Christ. Romans 8 in the Message bible says that “those who enter in Christ’s “being there for us” no longer have to live under a continuous low-flying black cloud. A new power is in operation!” And it is that power that will always cause you to triumph, to outwit, outplay and outlast your enemies. You can be the ultimate survivor!