Just live upright!

Have you ever wanted more wisdom? Seems this is at the top of my list this year for Christmas!Proverbs 2:7 tells us that God stores up wisdom for the upright. I think that many times we feel inadequate and unable to get our minds to make the decisions that life forces upon us. The fact is that you and I have a limited amount of insight to deal with the daily grind. We become intellectually and spiritually “halted’ all because we have not yet realized one important fact: the amount you take in is determined by the amount you give out. We are containers that carry God’s thoughts and plans to the circles that we run in and then unload every chance we get. Once we have “emptied” ourselves, we can come back to God for another refilling.
Today, right now, God is storing up for you decision making, life changing wisdom that will pour out to you in an unlimited supply as you draw from Him. So you think you need more insight? Just live upright!