my significance

How important am I to God? Have you ever wondered how he feels about you when he watches you live your life? There are times that I go through each day when I ask Him why He is responding or not responding to what is going on. I often will think that He could have approached it differently or more quickly. As I visited a little 4 year old boy in the hospital last week I wondered why he was sick and having to face the things he was facing. Gently, the Lord began to assure me that He was well aware of everything and that each detail, each medication and each prayer were being synchronized for the little boys benefit. He them reminded me that I did not need to figure all of this out. I should pray, encourage the family and help in any way I can.
Today things may not all go the way you intended. Know that in and through it all, God's purpose will prevail. And His purpose will always have your best interest at heart.
I realized that He loves me more than I could imagine and He would never abandon me. I hope you are able to realize that too.So today let's live to please Him.