"Spiritual Pyromaniacs"

The other day I saw a man in my home state of Ohio set himself on fire and jump into a waterfall. He started this practice 30 years ago. It was on all of the news stations across the country…you could even watch it on the web. Everyone was watching this human inferno and cheering from the sidelines. Me…I thought of what could happen if the church could catch fire like that. What if a young, spirit led church could become a raging inferno of God’s power and presence? Wouldn’t it be great if we were so “hot” that people just gathered at our churches to watch us burn…just like the man in Ohio. When he jumped off the ledge into the waterfall, the fire was put out, people cheered and the next day it was all over. The Holy Spirit of God is often symbolized by fire. It burns in us and enables us to become “spiritual pyromaniacs”…that’s church folks that want to set the world on fire. And the great news…that fire won’t go out and the impact will never be over. So let’s set ourselves on fire today…let the spirit of God blaze throughout the city and others will gather just to watch us burn!


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