This is MY day!

Saturday is here! For most of us that means we can create our day rather than having it dictated to us. We can grab some extra time in the morning to read or write and things are not as rushed as they may seem during the week. As I got up today I began to think about "balance". My life is made up of work and play, worship and rest. Most everything I do fits in these four categories. Work seems to take up a huge chunk and if you put sleep in the rest category, it already has an allotted segment as well. Worship and play need to be scheduled. If I am honest with myself I have to admit that reading God's word and prayer don't always just happen. Neither do the times that I throw the rugby ball with my boys or help my daughter figure out how to beat Zelda on her DS.
I think that life should be well-balanced and that there should be time set aside for work and play as well as worship and rest. If we do any of these to the extreme, the others will suffer.
How are you spending your time? 525,600 minuted per year to stay balanced and keep life on track. Are you playing when you should worship? Do you worship your work? Are you allowing some "playtime" in the midst of your busy routine? You can create the day that you desire. Now go do it!