What is a commitment?

Commitment…yes, I know, that’s adult language. We have such wonderful intentions when it comes to doing great things. How do our intentions become stronger commitments? You make a decision to truly dedicate yourself to something or someone and you stick. You may say, "I help the men’s ministry at church, I coach my son’s ball team, I even give some of my cash to God! It seems that every time I do something for the right reasons, I get sidetracked". Commitments are intentions wrapped in actions and delivered with consistency. Commitments take time and energy. Commitments take doing some things even when you would rather do something else. Commitments take determined hearts and perseverance. One thing is always true: you can be assured that when you commit to things that God is doing…it won’t be time wasted! In God’s kingdom it’s not how many hours you put in but rather what you put in the hours. It takes determination and even patience. And when things go the wrong way, don’t go wrong with them. Hang in there. Be committed; don’t have yourself committed. Be true to your word and stick to the project till you have done all that you committed to. Not only will it bless those you help, you will be blessed too!