Who am I to you?

It was the question Jesus asked Peter in Matthew 16. Each of us is asked this question. Many people have various opinions about who Jesus is. Peter answered right...you are the Christ! Jesus was pleased by that response and said that He would build the church upon that new revelation.
Jesus is the cornerstone of our foundation as believers. How strong that foundation is will be determined by who He is to you. He is the Lord, Almighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace. If you need a WORD today, let me offer you this:
1-God chooses who He uses
2-God decides when and how to speak to His people
3-God is always right on time
There are days when I don't need a Word from the Lord, I need a Chapter! Once we have answered the question, we can move forward into the blessings phase of walking with Him.
Today, make it personal. Answer the question. Jesus says, "Who am I to you?" Is that your final answer? http://www.thelandingonline.com/pages.asp?pageid=28804