A Clean Heart

OK, you have six days left to tie up loose ends and prepare yourselves for the New Year. Perhaps there is someone to forgive, someone to bless or something still to do. Our exit from one season sets up our entrance into the next.

Take the initiative before this weekend to get your business straight with the Lord. One of the most common hindrances to prayer being answered is unforgiveness in your heart. David prayed a simple prayer after being caught in the sin of adultery and murder. "Create in me a clean heart, O God". He asked God to renew the steadfast spirit within him. To restore him to the place that he was before he made the mistakes. And in His grace and mercy, God granted his requests. There were still consequences that had to be paid for the bad choices but David was restored to God.

There is no better way to leave this year than restored to friends, family and most importantly God. Ask Him to create a clean heart in you too!


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