Lessons in the Ice Storm

Can we really learn lessons from the things that are happening around us? As we sit inside today looking outside, there is more than a couple of inches of ice on tree limbs and hanging from the edge of the deck and roof. Imagine for a moment that this is just water. Liquid that we use everyday and now there are branches on huge trees that are breaking in half and falling to the ground. Beautiful bushes when touched fall to pieces. And guess what happens if you walk under one of those icicles as it falls from the roof? That's right, you get the point!

This liquid is dangerous because it has frozen. People can be dangerous when they are frozen. The church has been referred to by those outside of it as the chosen frozen. There is an overwhelming possiblity of snapping when we are not utilizing our gifts ad doing what the Lord has asked us to do. There is even the possibility of breakage when people try to touch us in these seasons. So our question is how can we thaw out?

We need the fire of God's Spirit to surround us again. We need to get closer to the Son and allow the warmth of His spirit to begin to make us mobile again. We have been created for a very specific purpose and though storms come and try to force us to stay in one place and stop growing, God can bring a comforting thaw to our lives.

Why not give the fire of His spirit one more try? Let the warmth of Christ enable you to feel again and fulfill your purpose.