Living Large!

Isaiah 54 contains an awesome word of encouragement for people that are ready for change. If you have ever experienced a season of spiritual dryness or non-productivity, you will love it. There will be a few parts so this so stick with me for a few days and we will come out of this living large and supercharged!
The very first thing it invites us to do is SING! Right there in the pit of discouragement and with your lacking non-productive life…SING! And what is the initial reaction to that counsel? What have I got to sing about?
Seems we need a reason – need to see some progress – an increase in our check at work – straight A’s on our children’s progress report – then we’ll sing! Give me a winning lottery ticket and just watch me burst into song.
But Isaiah also provides us with a reason. To put it plain and simple he says you may never have experienced “labor pains” but you’re ending up with far more children that all of those childbearing women!
Your blessing, it’s on the way! That good news, it’s coming! It’s just around the corner! Just a little further!
Fact is, if we cannot sing during the flat and dry seasons, we won’t be sincere in our singing when the harvest comes. Consider this: what if your harvest was tied to your song? Remember that phrase “sing for your supper?” What if you had to sing for your supper? Would you be eating?
Training ourselves to sing when life is hard is the first step to growing up and becoming a more mature follower of Christ. Singing moves the dirt around and prepares the place for what God is ready to build in your life. As one of my favorite 70's groups, the Carpenters used to say…
“Sing, sing a song…don’t worry that it’s not good enough for anyone else to hear. Just sing, sing a song!” Try it today and let the world hear your melody!