Some Assembly Required?

I am almost certain that you have been infected with the SAR’s at some point in your life…Some Assembly Required. It often hits right after a jubilant moment when you are proud of yourself for buying something that is just perfect for someone else. Most often it shows up in children’s toys…the cool ones…the ones that everyone wants. You get home so proud that you had purchased their favorite toy and kept it hidden until Christmas and now they are asleep and it’s late on Christmas eve and you bring it to the living room where the tree is. You ignore that assembly warning on the box as you rip open the top. Often you are more excited about this gift than anyone. What you see when that top is opened sucks all of the oxygen out of the room, makes the Christmas music on the stereo go flat and causes the recently drank egg nog to almost come back up…a plethora of plastic pieces, taped to Styrofoam that keeps breaking on the floor, laying on top of countless plastic bags. Upon closer inspection you notice that each one of these bags has about 1 million tiny screws and bolts in them. There’s a layer of decals too! You thought that all those flashy decorations were already painted on didn’t you? You’ve gone from being a jolly little elf to the grinch as you take each and every piece out of the box. And there, at the bottom, in it’s own vacuum sealed plastic bag, is the most important part…so important that the words have been translated into 20 different languages…that’s right, the directions for putting it all together!
Take a deep breath today, lift up your eyes and thank the Lord for His help in putting the pieces of your life together. Some assembly was required and He purchased you for a reason. You are a beautiful gift that He wants the entire world to enjoy. Are you ready to let the world unwrap what is in you?


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