Spare not!

Enlarge, stretch out, lengthen, strengthen, spread out…it’s an awesome thought!

What keeps folks from following God’s expansion plan?

Look at Isaiah 54:4 – He says, “don’t be afraid – you’re not going to be embarrassed.” “Don’t hold back – you’re not going to come up short.”

When we lengthen our cords (faith); when we open up the curtains, when we clear large pieces of property – we begin to think of impossible as possible. If our adversaries can get us to listen to the thought that says “you are in over your head” or “what if it doesn’t happen” then the mental mind games can hinder our progress.
Here’s the facts: God is the builder – you’re His tool. That's right, I called you a tool! God stands behind you – He goes before you and He will always support you. Don’t worry about being embarrassed. It’s His deal! You won’t feel like a widow when you know that God will never walk away or abandon you.
Even youthful humiliations (past times that did not meet expectations) will fade away when we begin to realize that God has a big dream for us. He wants to use us to do something that to others may be unbelievable, yet to us, is just another day at the office.

So get ready. Read this part of Isaiah 54 anytime you feel discouraged. This is the time to make provision for His expansion! Let me know how it works out for you!