spread out...

Spread out to the right and left...
I went to the Fiesta Bowl this past January and got a taste of what it means to NOT be able to spread out. The stadium was oversold and we were all packed in there with more bodies than seats. Unfortunately, I like to spread out. What we learn is that living large will include the opportunity to spread out. You are going to need lots of elbow room cause your family is growing. People that you never knew will line up with the dream and vision God is birthing in you. Activity will increase. And not only will it affect your world, you will affect others. You’re going to take over nations, whole nations! You’re going to resettle abandoned cities! Ghost towns will become Holy Ghost towns because you are tying your thinking to God’s ability and not limiting it to yours.
When you truly catch the vision and dream that God has for you, others gather to assist you because God uses people to bring about His purposes. Make an impact to the left and to the right...spread out. It's time to cover all of the ground that you have made ready for this dream to evolve!


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