Stay inside the lines!

People today like to take risks. We are often putting ourselves in situations where we as they say, “push the envelope” or “live on the edge”. People tell us to go ahead and “take a trip to the wild side”. As I look at life for us and the type of life that God has set up in advance for each of us, I see an orderly approach that is meticulously laid out. Consider today if you would that walking by faith is NOT risky, it’s the best way to go. Total dependence upon God. To live an unlimited life within His boundaries.

We learned that at a very young age when we were given something to color and some crayons. We were told we did a good job when we colored inside the lines…stay inside the lines they’d say. As a very young child, it was hard for me to control the crayon and therefore many times are pictures looked somewhat…unique. I was reckless with that crayola and I was lovin it! As I got a bit older, I gained more control of the writing instrument and I started to stay within the boundaries of what I was coloring. It did look neater.

As I started to crawl I began exploring all of the space that was inside the house. In an effort to establish some boundaries, my parents placed me in a playpen. In reality it was a baby prison…a playschool holding cell. When I was put in there it meant that they were tired of following me around the house. I would be put in my baby cell with a fresh diaper on and every toy I liked to play with was thrown in there with me. Just because you get three meals a day in prison doesn’t mean that you like being there! It wasn’t long till I began walking and that opened more opportunities. I was curious and began to look inside all of the nooks and crannies of the dwelling. So boundaries were set again as each cupboard was locked…I was shut out. Somehow mom and dad could get inside but when I went to open them, they would not open.

I got older and began to play outside. And you can guess what happened. Joe, you can go outside but we want you to stay in the yard. And just in case I didn’t get the message, there was always the possibility of installing a 6ft privacy fence.Boundaries, perimeters were being established for me for my own good!

To go outside of His parameter is to go outside of His protection, His preservation and His provision. So stay focused, do the best you can today and stay inside the lines!