stretch out the curtains...

Stretch out the curtains – open them up and let the light in – open them up and take a good look at what is all around us. Look with spiritual eyes at what God has set before you – who God has placed around you. Listen with spiritual ears to the call He has given you and the directions He is dispatching your way. Don’t hold back! Loose yourself to be all that He says you can be!

Once the ground is tilled and leveled and all obstacles to our visibility have been removed, it’s time to determine just how much enlarging we want to do. On a clear day, you really can se forever. When you open up the curtains, not only can you see outside, but others can also see inside. So you may become a bit more vulnerable and transparent. And that is what God is looking for. Real, genuine people that know how to be who they were created to be. Start stretching the shades and let the Son shine in!

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