Surrender vs. Giving Up

As we put a period on the year 2007 many people leave the year discouraged and defeated. What usually happens is that the attitude they leave this year with becomes the attitude they enter the new year with. By throwing in the towel at the end they harm the wonderful potential of the new beginning. I have always said that your past cannot poison your future unless it is invited into your present.

All over our world people are being destroyed by disease, debt, divorce, depression and the list goes on and on. The battle is so hard that they give up to these things. Surrender is not giving up, it's giving in. You give up to things that are not more powerful than you, you surrender to what is stronger than you. When we surrender to Christ, we no longer are able to give up because greater is He that is in us than what is coming against us. We are not just conquerors, we are MORE than conquerors. As believers we need not give up to the attacks on our finances, our marriages or our emotions. Because of Christ, we are stronger than these things and if we persevere we can overcome all of them. When you give up to these challenges you lose. When you surrender to Christ you begin a winning streak that will never end. There is no overtime in God.There will always be time left in the game as long as you have breath! We have an eternity to keep on winning!

Enjoy your last day of 2007. If there is anyone you have wronged, make it right. As far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. You are a champion! Now go and live like one!

Talk to you next year!


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