What's in Your House?

In 2 Kings 4 there is an interesting story of a widow with two boys. She was scrapping to get by and the creditors were coming after her to take her sons away because of the debt. She takes her problem to the man of God, Elisha. Elisha asks her, "what do you have in your house?" She says "nothing at all, except this little jar of oil."
She was overwhelmed, challenged by life circumstances and dealing with being responsible for her kids. Many of you may feel just like this at the end of this year. You want help, you are sick of answering questions and people wanting things from you and you are looking for real answers. The trouble with each of us in this situation is that we are unaware of what we have. The way we get through the pain of what we lost is to look at what we have. What's in your house?
Stop talking about what has been stolen from you and what is overwhelming you. Stop looking at what you have as nothing at all. The woman took care of her need by filling the jars of others. Focus on making someones day before the year is over. Be a blessing. Start pouring the oil out and God will meet every need that you have. Use what you have. What's in your house?


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