Where did that come from?

In Matthew 13 there is a story about a farmer, a land owner that planted some good seed. He owned the field, it was his property, his life. So he did his part to make sure that something beneficial went into the ground. Because a farmer knows one thing…whatever you sow, you will reap. Seeds represent the things we invest into good soil in order to produce a crop that we can enjoy at harvest time. The farmer was a provider. He was taking care of a family and others with the crop produced in his field. He sowed GOOD seed into the field because he wanted a GOOD crop. One day the men working for him came in to see the farmer. It appeared that right there in the middle of all of the good seed, there was something that did not belong. They told him that the wheat was doing well but that there were some weeds growing there too. They asked, “did you not plant good seed? Where did the weeds come from?” The farmer answered simply, “an enemy did this”.
Let me offer some food for thought. Many times we encounter “weeds” that start to grow in the middle of our fields…weeds that we had nothing to do with. We say, "where did that come from?" There are people today that cannot even sit in a church service because of guilt, shame, and sin that they had nothing to do with. They blame themselves and that is where the enemy breaks into their life…their field. Sometimes the stuff that does not belong was not put there by you at all. We did not fail in planting the wrong seed. An enemy did this. The bad stuff can come into the field and have absolutely nothing to do with us. So the first step to healing is “give yourself a break.” Stop blaming yourself for what happened and start living in the moment so that you can prepare for what’s coming! The good always rises to the top. The truth always comes out. Do the best that you can today and trust God for the rest.