Write it down, make it plain...

I like to journal my thoughts. As I was playing back this year and some of the entries in my journal I noticed something. I was spending alot of time looking for God in the middle of my situations. I noticed that I had grown a little bit spiritually over the last year because this year I was not writing down things I didn't like as much as things I did. It seemed when I compared notes that I was learning how to apply revelation or divine intervention into my everyday life.

The bible tells us to write down what we learn and make it plain so that all who read it may run with it. In other words, you have endured some things this year and come out victoriously not just for your benefit but for others too. Share your story, even if it means writing it down and reading it to someone else. Talk about what you have learned and encourage others with your testimony. There is nothing so moving as hearing someone share what the Lord has done for them.

So what are you writing down about today?


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