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The Breakfast of Champions

How do you begin your day? Is it always a struggle to get yourself up in the morning? Are your most important thoughts deciding what you will wear and what to eat for breakfast? In the Psalms David told us that he would get up and begin his day with the Lord by calling upon him in the morning. Morning became a special time for David to hear from God . In Revelation 22:16, Jesus is called the Bright and Morningstar. What is a morningstar? I believe that his name here means that he is the dawn of a new eternal day. When we start the day with the Lord on our mind, we know that we stay on his mind throughout the day too. Why not spend some time with the Lord this morning and start the day off right with the Bible; which is the original breakfast of Champions! Let his star brighten up your morning and prepare you for the day ahead. Your problems may not all disappear but through each and every one of your trials you can look up to heaven and thank the Bright and Morningstar for the stre

Wisdom from heaven...

is the second type of wisdom. The bible tells us that first of all it is pure. That means that it is untainted and not mingled with ANYthing else. It carries its own personality traits and characteristics with it. It's peace-loving, considerate, submissive, full of mercy and good fruit. It is impartial and sincere. Did you get all of that? Who wouldn't opt for this type of wisdom over one that is filled with envy and selfish ambition? When this type of wisdom is in play in your life you love peace. I know many people that love drama and not peace. (drama is wrong type of wisdom) You find that you are truly considerate...not someone who considers it then does what they want anyway! You will find mercy and good fruit, which are the good works flowing out of a life that is being guided by godly wisdom. Remember how we started all of this on Monday, show it by your good life and deeds done in humility. There are people in your circle today that are waiting to meet that peace-loving

Earthly wisdom is...

defined by selfish ambition and bitter envy. In places of confusion you will find these things in operation and many more evil works. If there is chaos and disorder, there is wisdom being used that is not godly. The bible calls it unspiritual. Our goal must be to stay away from these types of attitudes because they begin to create other problems too. People that want what they do not have or what someone else has are not content with what has been given to them. They are ambitious but that ambition is wrapped up in what they desire. There is only one wisdom option when Christ is not part of your life. As believers we need to flip on the light switch and show them what else is out there. When a person can surrender their heart and life to Christ, another set of values and knowledge arrive that bring more understanding and some incredible benefits. There is another type of wisdom that will operate in their lives. We’ll look at that tomorrow.

Show it!

"Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom." James 3:13 As we develop our lives as fully devoted followers of Christ there should be some significant changes that take place. It will change the way we talk. We'll be more positive and affirming of others. It will change our emotional make-up. We will be more evenly balanced and less likely to "lose our mind". The most important change will be how God shows up in our actions and "deeds". This "good life" is made possible because we are humbled by the new awareness of how great our God is and ALL that is possible through Him and in Him. There are two types of wisdom. That's right, it's a simple decision between two choices...earthly wisdom and heavenly wisdom. We will look at each in the next couple of days. Today, see if you can let your good life and good deeds show up in a way that will help bring

Called & Gifted

What are you doing with your talents right now? Think about it. Are you utilizing the God-given abilities that are inside of you in a way that they glorify God? When we begin to understand that principle, all of the wonderful things that we need will be within our reach. I can only be truly fulfilled when I am doing what I was designed to do. Today, decide that you are called & gifted so that your life will not be stalled & sifted. You are a champion that God is ready to promote. Blessings are ready to be poured into your life.

Refreshment Stands

A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed." Proverbs 11:25 Imagine our amount of refreshing and prosperity being contingent upon how well we bless and refresh others. A giving person prospers because the things that they are giving are always "in play". Each day is an opportunity to spend time, talent and money to make life a little better for those around them. And who couldn't use a great refreshment stand in their home? Consider giving some time away today to bless the life of a co-worker or friend. Perhaps you can by lunch for someone that you have wanted to get to know a bit better. Maybe you can pick up an encouraging book and give it to a person that has been a little bit depressed. Be pro-active and get your resources out there and in the game. It all comes back to you in exactly what YOU need! Create a refreshment stand today right where you live!

Sow for YOU!

Sow for yourselves righteousness, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the LORD, until he comes and showers righteousness on you. Hosea 10:12 Sow for you! Imagine that...the idea of planting something for YOUR life! YOU will reap fruit…however you may have to do some groundbreaking things! If you want something you have never had you are going to have to do something you have never done. Break up the ground that is unplowed. It’s the first thing we do before we build…groundbreaking. We are seeking something so we prepare the ground to accommodate what we are seeking. Break up the ground and get it ready for what is coming. God is getting ready to bless you and you want that blessing to find a fertile spot to land in. Some may ask how long do we seek the Lord? Hosea said it best… until He comes and showers righteousness on you . Until you find HIM. Until ALL these things are added unto you. Perhaps that is why we are always beatin

What are you building?

Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the watchmen stand guard in vain. We are all building something. A relationship. A career. A family. A life. Each decision you make today will put another brick in place on the life that you are building. Each thing you say a nail that is driven permanently into the frame. And your choice of friends and partners will be the furniture you place within the life that you are building. Yet, no matter how well we decide, how correct we speak or how much discernment we choose with, UNLESS THE LORD BUILDS , we are doing everything for not. There is nothing that I dislike more than spending a great amount of time on something that has no point. Someone once said "there is nothing so useless as doing something well that should not be done at all." Our relationship with God provides a foundation that is able to stand the tests that come in life. A foundation in Him is the only one

Pack Rats

Most of us have had to move at one point in our lives. We start packing, boxing up stuff, and loading the boxes in the vehicle so that we can transport them to our new location. The other day as we talked to a class at the church about “spiritual gifts” and finding your place in ministry, I thought about these moving experiences. Most of the people in the room had come to our church from other churches. Most of them had packed boxes of stuff that they brought with them to our church. The unpacking of these boxes can be a wonderful discovery process. Or it can be painful. Let me explain. Have you ever arrived at your new location and started unpacking, only to find items that you packed and wonder why you did not discard them before you moved? Why would you wrap this old thing up in newspaper, put it in a box, secure it with tape and gingerly bring it across the city or the country to your new home. Because deep down inside, we are all pack rats. We want what is familiar even if it doe


Today is day 16 of our 21 day season of fasting and prayer. Each year that we go through this wonderful experience I notice more and more how I deal with cravings. You know that inner desire that simply tells you that you have to have what you are thinking about...and it grows and grows until you cave in to it. The first three days that I deny myself food my cravings are so intense. The next few days after that they go away but around day 10 they surface again. Once they are squelched they go away and its usually around day 18 or 19 that they come in again. Fact is, cravings will always be within me. What I want to do is crave the things that God wants for me. Crave His peace, His love and His purpose. Too many people today are starving spiritually when their is an abundance of spiritual nourishment out there. What has happened? I think we are undernourished and overfed. Apparently we are living on the desserts without ever getting and protein. It's ok to have cravings...just tune

Wisdom brings more...

Proverbs 2 tells us that when wisdom enters our hearts that we receive discretion and understanding that will keep us away from evil. Discretion is good judgment, caution and carefulness. It counts the cost of a decision to see how much of an impact it will have on everything. Understanding is why you do what you do with the info and facts and data that you have. Wisdom is what you do with it. And wisdom comes with options! Today you will have a variety of decisions to make. They will not only affect you but others that are connected to you. Decide wisely. Let wisdom enter your heart and bring you a careful and knowledgeable choice. It's the only way to live!

Finish the apple!

Are you easily distracted? Do you begin things all the time but seldom finish them? What happens to those things we let go of? What happens when we stop? I watched someone as they ate an apple the other day. They were munching away on that piece of fruit and meticulously working their way all around it taking bites off of each side. Suddenly someone asked for their help and they set the apple down on the counter. For several minutes they were in dialogue and discussions. In a very short period of time that apple started to turn there was a light brown color all around it. The longer it sat there the worse it became. When it's owner came back to it and saw what had happened they looked at it and then threw it away. All that apple left and even the seeds inside that give birth to other apples! I thought about people. People that I had invested in for a while and enjoyed for some time only to get distracted by other people and set them on a counter. By the time I got bac

For all of those forwarded emails!

As the New Year rolls on, my heartfelt appreciation goes out to all of you who have taken the time and trouble to send me "forwards" through the past 12 months. Thank you for making me feel safe, secure, blessed, and wealthy. Extra thanks to whoever sent me the one about rat poop in the glue on envelopes cause I now have to go get a wet towel every time I need to seal an envelope. Also, I scrub the top of every can I open for the same reason. Because of your concern I no longer drink Coca Cola because it can remove toilet stains. I no longer drink Pepsi or Dr Pepper since the people who make these products are atheists who refuse to put "Under God" on their cans. I no longer use Saran wrap in the microwave because it causes cancer. I no longer check the coin return on pay phones because I could be pricked with a needle infected with AIDS. I no longer use cancer-causing deodorants even though I smell like a water buffalo on a hot day. I no longer go to sh

The Grocery List

Ah, the list of items to be purchased at the grocery! All of the necessities for living and eating and enjoying life. I wonder how many people still use a grocery list? My local store sent out coupons at the end of the year with a stack of good old-fashioned grocery lists attached. Each week I fill in the numbers and head off to the store to gather my list and bring it home. I guess its sort of like domestic hunting! Except that the only thing that's shot is my wallet after I see the total! Do you have a list of things that you want to pick up in 2008 in your life? In my experience I've noticed that what I do not write down I often forget. Why not take a moment today to write down a few things that you want to gather into your world this year. Be specific. Be realistic. Then be faithful and trust God to allow your desires to be fulfilled. He's got a store full of blessings for you and your family and He loves to find these things with you. The discovery is part of the fun

What type of person are ya?

Someone once said there are only two types of people: those who get up and say, "Good Morning , Lord!" and those that say, "Good Lord, it's morning!" The atmosphere you allow will determine what type of product you create. Start out today by thanking the Lord for another day to make a difference. Pray for divine encounters and be an influencer for Him in every conversation and meeting. Use the gift that you have to bless others. A smile only uses 14 muscles in your face as opposed to a frown which uses 72. Loosen up! If your happy and you are thankful that the Lord has saved you and given you this day notify your face!

Get wisdom!

There are so many things that I do not know how to do. I study, I read books, I watch documentaries and yet some of the simplest things in life I have no clue how to manage. The bible says that if we lack WISDOM, we should ask God. It promises that God will pour out a liberal portion on all that ask Him for it. Perhaps today you have some decisions to make. You need to know the difference between what is harmful and what is beneficial. Wisdom is there for the asking. God wants you to have an answer so that you can do what He desires. God wants you to be successful. He wants you to be able to give to others. If you are lacking in the ability to make a good, solid decision in your life, take a deep breath, get in a quiet spot and ASK God for wisdom. Then get ready to see the outpouring of divine intelligence into your spirit and your mind!


Jesus said KNOCK and the door would be opened to you. Imagine that you have done everything else by the BOOK, you asked in faith nothing wavering, you believed that what you asked for was what God desired…you sought His heart…actually beat that path back and forth and now you have arrived at a doorway: a simple opening that is not yet exposed and stands between you and actually seeing God show up in your situation. If we have been tenacious in our asking and seeking, when we arrive here there should be a momentum that supernaturally compels us to raise our arm, make a fist and KNOCK on that door. Why? Because we are doing all of this in obedience to what God said. He said that is we asked we would receive…if we would seek we would find and now that we are here, if we KNOCK, HE will answer….HE will answer. I often prayer a prayer when I am praying with others for God to open doors that no man can shut and close doors that now man can open. Today I am praying that prayer for you as you e

SEEK: while he may be found...

Isaiah 55:6 tells us this… “Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near.” The first time that I really read that verse with some degree of divine revelation I felt a sense of urgency. I felt urgency because I read the words while He may be found and while He is near . Because I always seem to go to the negative side in my head, it sounded to me like there will be a time when we may not find Him: a time when He is not near. I can honestly say that there are seasons in my life when I feel like God is right there beside me. Prayers are prayed and answers come even before all the words have come out. And there are other seasons when I feel like Jesus has left the building, He can’t hear me and He has no interest in me. Wisdom tells me that when it feels like He is not there, He is not the one who moved. Seek the Lord while He is in the vicinity…while I feel like He is close to me and I am close to Him. Call upon Him while He is in the neighborhood. In this verse i


Yesterday we unleashed our keyword for 2008...ASK! How many things have we not received into our lives simply because we did not ask. 1 John 5:14-15 tells us that our confidence in approaching God comes as we learn the art of asking. It says if we ask anything in accordance with His will, He hears us. What exactly IS His will? 1 Thessalonians 5:16 tells us that it is to be joyful always, to pray continually and the give thanks IN everything. A person that knows how to live a joyful, prayerful and thankful life has a conduit open for God's blessings to come in. Imagine going up to the drive through at your favorite fast food place and sitting by the speaker without saying a word! That would be crazy. You're hungry and you crave something specific so you ask for it. The believer should hunger and thirst for righteousness and if He is living right, when He asks God for the cravings or desires of his heart, they will be in line with God's will and they will be heard. This year

Flip the lights on...

We have a part of our church on the second floor that I walked through last night. There are about six rooms that are connected together. The problem is that the light switches are not in the right places to help guide you. You have to walk several feet in the dark before you find the switch. As I took that little journey last night I crashed into a variety of items that had been stored up there. First I hit my toes on the poles that were on the floor, then something that was about two feet taller than that hit me in the waist! As I tried to move to the side away from those things the left side of my head hit on something that was higher than the other two! It was like I was being knocked out by the storage room! Now all of this could have been avoided had I been able to flip on the switch that illuminates the room. Often I find myself accepting the fact that sometimes you have to start out walking in the dark and that is not what the Lord told us. He said his Word(the bible) is a lam

Do something beautiful!

Do something beautiful and become beautiful doing it! It's time to allow the revelation that you have received in the fall to start to develop and form into the perfect plan and purpose that God has for you.

Shake it off and stand on it!

Here we are off to the races...going back to work, maybe your kids are going to start back to school today or tomorrow. Life returns to what it was before we got that wonderful holiday break. But your outlook should be different. Remember this is a fresh start to the best part of 2008. You get to establish some new routines and develop good habits to replace the bad ones. You get to begin building your year the way that it should be built. I remember a story about a man who had a horse that was determined to do what it wanted to the point that he decided to bury it. He dug a huge hole and then pushed the horse into the hole. He began taking the dirt on the pile that had come out of the hole and shoveled it back on top of the horse. Over and over, shovel after shovel he worked. He was flipping each shovel full over his shoulder and working at a furious pace to cover up the horse. Finally the last shovel full of dirt was launched over his shoulder and with a smile, he wiped his brow and