Today is day 16 of our 21 day season of fasting and prayer. Each year that we go through this wonderful experience I notice more and more how I deal with cravings. You know that inner desire that simply tells you that you have to have what you are thinking about...and it grows and grows until you cave in to it. The first three days that I deny myself food my cravings are so intense. The next few days after that they go away but around day 10 they surface again. Once they are squelched they go away and its usually around day 18 or 19 that they come in again. Fact is, cravings will always be within me. What I want to do is crave the things that God wants for me. Crave His peace, His love and His purpose.

Too many people today are starving spiritually when their is an abundance of spiritual nourishment out there. What has happened? I think we are undernourished and overfed. Apparently we are living on the desserts without ever getting and protein. It's ok to have cravings...just tune into what God wants to feed you. Each time you crave something on His buffet table you have the freedom to take, and eat it and then you will see how good God really is. Crave His purposes today. He will satisfy your cravings.


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