Earthly wisdom is...

defined by selfish ambition and bitter envy. In places of confusion you will find these things in operation and many more evil works. If there is chaos and disorder, there is wisdom being used that is not godly. The bible calls it unspiritual.
Our goal must be to stay away from these types of attitudes because they begin to create other problems too. People that want what they do not have or what someone else has are not content with what has been given to them. They are ambitious but that ambition is wrapped up in what they desire.
There is only one wisdom option when Christ is not part of your life. As believers we need to flip on the light switch and show them what else is out there. When a person can surrender their heart and life to Christ, another set of values and knowledge arrive that bring more understanding and some incredible benefits. There is another type of wisdom that will operate in their lives. We’ll look at that tomorrow.


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