Finish the apple!

Are you easily distracted? Do you begin things all the time but seldom finish them? What happens to those things we let go of? What happens when we stop?
I watched someone as they ate an apple the other day. They were munching away on that piece of fruit and meticulously working their way all around it taking bites off of each side. Suddenly someone asked for their help and they set the apple down on the counter. For several minutes they were in dialogue and discussions. In a very short period of time that apple started to turn there was a light brown color all around it. The longer it sat there the worse it became. When it's owner came back to it and saw what had happened they looked at it and then threw it away. All that apple left and even the seeds inside that give birth to other apples!
I thought about people. People that I had invested in for a while and enjoyed for some time only to get distracted by other people and set them on a counter. By the time I got back with them, they no longer appealed to me, something had changed and they were discarded. Gone before their prime, before they were completely well and touched by God's presence. Dreams inside their core that were never realized. Maybe you do it too. I think God would be pleased if we finished the apple. If we stayed with what we began till we're finished and we tell the distractions to buzz off until we have completed our work with what or who we have committed to.
How many half-eaten apples are you throwing away? Today, finish the apple!


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