Flip the lights on...

We have a part of our church on the second floor that I walked through last night. There are about six rooms that are connected together. The problem is that the light switches are not in the right places to help guide you. You have to walk several feet in the dark before you find the switch. As I took that little journey last night I crashed into a variety of items that had been stored up there. First I hit my toes on the poles that were on the floor, then something that was about two feet taller than that hit me in the waist! As I tried to move to the side away from those things the left side of my head hit on something that was higher than the other two! It was like I was being knocked out by the storage room!

Now all of this could have been avoided had I been able to flip on the switch that illuminates the room. Often I find myself accepting the fact that sometimes you have to start out walking in the dark and that is not what the Lord told us. He said his Word(the bible) is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. In other words His word flips on the switch for me close steps as well as giving me some insight to some of the steps that are a bit further down the road on my path. I flip on the switch every time that I read His Word.

So don't believe thqat darkness is supposed to be around you or that you are going to have to live with it or walk in it for a while. You've got a lamp inside your heart. Turn it on!


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