The Grocery List

Ah, the list of items to be purchased at the grocery! All of the necessities for living and eating and enjoying life. I wonder how many people still use a grocery list? My local store sent out coupons at the end of the year with a stack of good old-fashioned grocery lists attached. Each week I fill in the numbers and head off to the store to gather my list and bring it home. I guess its sort of like domestic hunting! Except that the only thing that's shot is my wallet after I see the total!

Do you have a list of things that you want to pick up in 2008 in your life? In my experience I've noticed that what I do not write down I often forget. Why not take a moment today to write down a few things that you want to gather into your world this year. Be specific. Be realistic. Then be faithful and trust God to allow your desires to be fulfilled. He's got a store full of blessings for you and your family and He loves to find these things with you. The discovery is part of the fun. Put your grocery list together today and head out to fulfill it!


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