Jesus said KNOCK and the door would be opened to you. Imagine that you have done everything else by the BOOK, you asked in faith nothing wavering, you believed that what you asked for was what God desired…you sought His heart…actually beat that path back and forth and now you have arrived at a doorway: a simple opening that is not yet exposed and stands between you and actually seeing God show up in your situation. If we have been tenacious in our asking and seeking, when we arrive here there should be a momentum that supernaturally compels us to raise our arm, make a fist and KNOCK on that door. Why? Because we are doing all of this in obedience to what God said. He said that is we asked we would receive…if we would seek we would find and now that we are here, if we KNOCK, HE will answer….HE will answer.
I often prayer a prayer when I am praying with others for God to open doors that no man can shut and close doors that now man can open. Today I am praying that prayer for you as you enter your day. You've asked and God has delivered. Your seeking has led you into a deeper realization of His presence. It's time to knock and allow the door to open before you.


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