Pack Rats

Most of us have had to move at one point in our lives. We start packing, boxing up stuff, and loading the boxes in the vehicle so that we can transport them to our new location. The other day as we talked to a class at the church about “spiritual gifts” and finding your place in ministry, I thought about these moving experiences. Most of the people in the room had come to our church from other churches. Most of them had packed boxes of stuff that they brought with them to our church. The unpacking of these boxes can be a wonderful discovery process. Or it can be painful. Let me explain.

Have you ever arrived at your new location and started unpacking, only to find items that you packed and wonder why you did not discard them before you moved? Why would you wrap this old thing up in newspaper, put it in a box, secure it with tape and gingerly bring it across the city or the country to your new home. Because deep down inside, we are all pack rats. We want what is familiar even if it does not fit in the décor of our new abode.

Why not take inventory today and see what is “hanging” on to you and traveling with you from relationships to relationship, from job to job and church to church? Perhaps this is the start of your “cleaning” process so that your new life and vision does not become cluttered by “old stuff”. Remember that this is the year we ASK, according to His will and we will receive! Ask the Lord to help you leave the old and move toward the new!


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