SEEK: while he may be found...

Isaiah 55:6 tells us this…
“Seek the Lord while He may be found,
call upon Him while He is near.”
The first time that I really read that verse with some degree of divine revelation I felt a sense of urgency. I felt urgency because I read the words while He may be found and while He is near. Because I always seem to go to the negative side in my head, it sounded to me like there will be a time when we may not find Him: a time when He is not near.
I can honestly say that there are seasons in my life when I feel like God is right there beside me. Prayers are prayed and answers come even before all the words have come out. And there are other seasons when I feel like Jesus has left the building, He can’t hear me and He has no interest in me.
Wisdom tells me that when it feels like He is not there, He is not the one who moved. Seek the Lord while He is in the vicinity…while I feel like He is close to me and I am close to Him. Call upon Him while He is in the neighborhood.
In this verse in Isaiah, the word for SEEK actually means to beat a path to and fro…in other words I am in constant pursuit of His purpose and His will for me. I don’t stop, I am in search mode. Why don't you relentlessly pursue Him today and see what happens as you SEEK Him?


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