Shake it off and stand on it!

Here we are off to the races...going back to work, maybe your kids are going to start back to school today or tomorrow. Life returns to what it was before we got that wonderful holiday break. But your outlook should be different. Remember this is a fresh start to the best part of 2008. You get to establish some new routines and develop good habits to replace the bad ones. You get to begin building your year the way that it should be built.

I remember a story about a man who had a horse that was determined to do what it wanted to the point that he decided to bury it. He dug a huge hole and then pushed the horse into the hole. He began taking the dirt on the pile that had come out of the hole and shoveled it back on top of the horse. Over and over, shovel after shovel he worked. He was flipping each shovel full over his shoulder and working at a furious pace to cover up the horse. Finally the last shovel full of dirt was launched over his shoulder and with a smile, he wiped his brow and turned around...only to find the horse standing right there looking at him eye to eye! You see, every time the man threw a shovel full of dirt on the horses back, the horse shook it off and stood on it!

This is the year that you do what that horse did...shake it off and stand on it. God made you a winner and if you shake it off and stand on it you can rise out of any hole that your enemy wants to put you in.


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