Trust in the Lord with all your heart...its from Proverbs 3 and I needed it yesterday. I needed someone to TRUST in, and trust is something earned not given. I was visiting the hospital and praying with people about things that they would undergo. Everything happening was unexpected, sudden, and very negative. In my mind I traded places and thought about what I would do. Then I realized how important it is to have a friend that sticks closer than a brother. How crucial it is to know that there is someone who will never leave or abandon us. Total Reliance Upon Someone Trustoworthy...that is what TRUST is. And if we are going to make it in this life we need to place ALL of it in the Lord.
Does the Lord have your trust today? Are you relying on people or things? When bad stuff happens and you trust in God, do not analyze what you are doing wrong but rather rejoice over what you are doing right. He knows where you are and what is happening. When you acknowledge Him He will direct your path.


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