's making me wait!

Yesterday we looked at painful seasons and how God can bring newfound strength to us in those times. Eccl.7 tells us that he is the God of the good times and the bad. remember that your destiny or divine purpose is never tied to what leaves you but rather what stays with you. If the Lord takes something away from you and does not give it back, believe that He has something even better for you...a job...a friendship...a faith-filled family of believers!
When we exert energy to try and hold on to things that God is trying to remove, its like stepping on the gas and the brake at the same time! (please don't try this at home!)
What are you looking forward to today? Have you asked God to surround you with a shield of favor? (psalm 5:12) Picture this day being planned out for you by your Creator and He has the most incredible joy-filled day of peace waiting for you to enjoy. Why not anticipate that? In fact, today, I'm not praising God over what I've lost...I'm praising God over what I am about to get back!


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