Called and Gifted?

When we are wired to be “called and gifted”, why has the church become “stalled and sifted”? For over almost 25 years my life has been consumed with helping other people find their unique purpose for living on planet earth. You might say that I spend my time helping them learn how to spend theirs! What I have witnessed in this endeavor is simply amazing…this world is filled with some very talented and gifted people! Even at a very young age you can see their gifting and when they are put in an environment that exposes and develops their gifts, these little dreamers shine!

I think God put us all here to connect and share. When I meet you I find out what is important to you and I share what’s important to me. It’s an exchange of information that takes place each and every day. God plants His dreams in the heart of mankind along with a genuine desire for that heart to pursue and find Him. We are “called” to Him by His spirit which He has breathed into us. Why then are so many people not using their gifts and why have people grown disenchanted with the fellowship of the saints? So many seem to be “stalled” and when this happens it isn’t long before they are sifted away from their present friendships and gatherings.

Perhaps we are seeing more and more “stalled” believers because we are not mentoring them properly. I’m a plug and play type of person. You put me in and I adapt and begin to function right away. But others have additional software and drivers that have to be downloaded after they are plugged in. The capacity to perform is within them but maybe we have become too hasty in getting them to work that we have left out some of the things they can bring to the mix? Try being a bit more patient with those around you in your small study groups and your larger gatherings. Allow ALL of their operating software to be downloaded before you pull them out and forget about them.

If we will take the time, the stalled will once again feel called, and those that are gifted, will never again be sifted away!


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