Defeating the Drought-2

Yesterday we defined what drought is and began to look at how to remain fruitful in seasons of drought. Developing a root system was how to began. To establish friendships now. To read the Word of God and pray intensely now.
The second thing we must do is eliminate the weeds. Nobody likes weeds. Nobody knows how they get into the things you are trying to keep beautiful but they do. Spiritually speaking a weed is an eyesore or hindrance to what you are called to do. They are distractions that often grow up within the plant, connecting themselves to the growing thing and growing right there with it. Bigger plant, bigger weed. We have got to get the weeds out. Matt 13 gives us an entire parable about weeds. Take a moment today and read it.

Bottom line is this: weeds are a sign of neglect. When you stop doing maintenance in the flowerbed, weeds come. If you continue to neglect, weeds takeover. The same things happens in our flowerbeds of businesses and relationships. And yes, even in our church. The church needs more weedeaters and less mowers…we have got enough people mowing each other over…we need to get rid of the weeds!

Let's tend to those closest to us today. Take a good look at your office work, your family, your spiritually life. Inspect those areas and see what is growing. If you see some weeds, get them out now before they wrap around everything and take over your life.


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