Defeating the Drought-3

We have been talking about how to defeat seasons of drought in our lives. Scripture tells us that Jesus wants to give us life and life more abundantly. There is no mention of drought there! First we cultivate roots. The deeper the roots, the longer we are able to sustain ourselves in seasons of drought. Second we eliminate the weeds. Don't let things that attach themselves to you stay if they are not speaking life to you. Today we look at another step.
3-understand the pruning process
Pruning is the process by which dead limbs are cut off as well as living ones in order to shape the plant and further its growth. I do not know of anyone that has been successful in life that has not had to go through a time of pruning. The fact of the matter is this: our circumstances, the people in our life do not prune us, God does. He is the only one with the big picture of what our life should look like. Oftentimes he is sculpting a perfectly toned spiritual workhorse and we fail to cooperate. I’ve seen him cut branches off and we go get that branch and try to re-attach it. It will not grow when we do that…however, if God desires to bring back anything that He has trimmed, He is the only one who can engraft it back into the life and stimulate growth again.
We may struggle to understand the why of pruning. It is usually a good sign that means new growth is just around the corner.


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