Defeating the Drought-4

We are defeating the drought this week. Nobody likes to go through dry spells. God did not create us for drought but He did give us the ability to overcome it. Now that our root system is established and the weeds are eliminated, now that we have endured the sometimes painful pruning process, our next step is to let patience have her perfect work.

Step 4 is to-wait for the harvest
Anything planted takes time to grow. Too many of us have a chia pet mentality when we think of seedtime and harvest. We want to wake up the next day and see it. When we can't see it, we don't think it is happening. That is where patience comes in and continues to trust God. You tell yourself and the spirit that is in you that the drought will soon be over. You stay positive and keep your mind on what you desire to harvest rather than what is trying to steal your harvest.

Rainy seasons filled with the blessings of God are on the way. You will not only see these good things happen, you will experience them too. As you get ready to leave today, you might want to take along an looks like the rain is about to come!


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