Defeating the Drought

I heard someone once define drought like this… A drought in your life is whenever you must do without something you need, such as time, energy, money, or support.

There are people all around us that are going through a season of drought…financially, emotionally and maybe even spiritually. They are "doing without" something they need all the time. We have been designed to be fruitful and the multiply. In fact scripture tells us that you will know a believer by their “fruit”. To become fruit-full you have to be full of fruit! This week I will give you some help in defeating the drought and keeping your life saturated with blessings and fruit.

1-cultivate roots
There can be no fruit without roots and the simple fact in ministry and life is that you will need healthy roots when the seasons of drought come. And each of us will face them at some time or another. The deeper the roots, the longer you will be able to survive when your resources are limited. Your roots include your time, energy, talent and money. You will get out of a project, business, church or relationship what you put into it. It's no tthe hours you put in but what you put in the hours. Spend some time today thinking about how you can cultivate better relationships and become servant minded.


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