Feel the 'pain'...

Three years ago around this time I was going through a very tumultuous season. As things were unraveling in my life I remember feeling sorry for myself. It’s funny how God will try to speak to you through any vehicle he can. I was watching television and heard Mel Gibson say, “Pain is a precursor to change”. I think he was talking about a movie he was making but it made me stop and “feel” the pain I was in. It’s OK to feel pain. It’s the only way that we learn how to manage and deal with it. The Marines have a saying: “pain is just weakness leaving the body”. Today whenever I have painful moments in my life I think about those things. I realize that change is occurring and I try to embrace it. And then I smile because I know that I am being made stronger through the challenge.

Today, if you are going through any painful situations in your life, remember that God is still in control. He may be strengthening you and getting you in position for a great season ahead!


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