The Scary Side of Resurrection...

OK so yesterday was what the church calls "Resurrection Sunday". After Jesus rose from the dead and revealed himself to some of those that had been touched(more than 500 folks), people were amazed...ok, they probably freaked out!
There is a rejoicing when something that you love that has died comes back to life. But what happens after it has risen again? For those that followed Jesus it meant that this thing is for real and it will stick. A Judgement Day is coming when you will have to account for your actions and your words.
The scary side of resurrection is that we can often resurrect things that we should have left alone. Now, I am not talking about Jesus! I'm talking about things that we may think in our head we need and want and the fact of the matter is that should that thing actually manifest, our lives would be worse, not better. Some things seem to come alive on their own and they may even have a tendency to throw everything off.

People say, be careful what you pray for. Perhaps some things have not happened and will not happen in your life because they are supposed to stay dead. Don't dig up things that God has buried. What God resurrects will provide a great sense of peace and joy once the 'shock' has worn off. Perhaps in your church yesterday you sensed something come alive and something within you compelled you to think about making some changes. If your heart belongs to Christ, you can trust it.

Don't be afraid, only believe!


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