What's your net worth?

Let's get back to our fisherman. He picked up his nets again, got into the boat and went deeper. He was guided to an area that he had never been. He reluctantly agreed to go and once they had arrived to the place Jesus had picked, he let down the nets again. In his head he was grumbling,"this is the wrong time of day to fish and this water is way too deep." Still he obeyed.
Suddenly the water began to ripple and in just a few moments there were more fish than he had seen in a while. The nets were filling up and because of the amount of fish they were catching, they began to tear. The fisherman yelled out to his fellow fisherman and asked for help because now the boats were full too and starting to sink.
The fisherman humbled himself and fell at the feet of Jesus for he was sad that he had not believed. He would change. He would listen more. And he would continue to obey!
Those nets represented the fisherman's life. He was putting them away, frustrated and defeated. Jesus told him to get back in the game and use them again. It was only then that the fisherman learned his nets worth.
What's your net worth? Why not trust Jesus today and get back in the game. Stop allowing yourself to be isolated and alone. You may find yourself in uncharted waters but you will also find yourself surrounded by all of the things that Jesus promises.


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