When people leave...

I have been the pastor of a church for a little over 6 years now. It is so much different being in a church than working with a ministry organization like I had done for 20 years previously. There are many wonderful benefits and drawbacks and this week as we all look to our relationship with our Lord, I have taken a look again at some of my own emotions. The hardest thing about being a pastor to me is when people leave the ministry you are called to. Every time that a family or friend moves on to another season I feel it. Though I am getting used to "dealing" with those feelings I often have a much harder time managing them. Sometimes they are supposed to move on and other times it does not feel that way. Discerning the difference is what drives me crazy.

Always remember that God has a BIG picture. We should look positively at any amount of time we have with those that He surrounds us with. Instead of feeling as if people are taken away, consider that their season around you is over and they are moving forward. And know that you were in their life for a very specific reason. Feel good about that. Some time ago I began to write what I can only call "joetry". It's a mix of joe and poetry from the inner core of my soul. Thoughts that came straight from my heart. I wrote something about these transitions that I will share with you in hopes that you will see the incredible beauty inside each and every season of the relationships that God blesses you with. You really do matter.

When People Leave

It’s hard when people walk away
and leave your life in haste.
I never have the words to say
“Was the time we shared a waste?”
I take it personal at times
My heart gets broke in pieces
I sit alone, sometimes I cry
As I fill up on Reese’s.
Maybe God has got a plan
as people come and go
Just do your part and share your life
its not all about you, you know.
The time we have is precious,
though sometimes it’s not enough
I must stay close to Jesus
cause the going will be rough
And when we reach the finish line
United, we’ll all be
The ones that stayed, the ones that left
Will all be there with me!


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