Would He be pleased?

I was reading a story today in Mark 12:41-44. It began by saying "Jesus sat down opposite the place where offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury". Jesus watched people give. That thought really intrigued me. He was sitting there and watching what people gave in church.
Giving is important to Jesus. He wants to see how people respond and He is very interested in what they are doing with what He has given them. There were rich people throwing in large amounts of money and then a little widow woman came by and gave two very small copper coins. Jesus was moved.
He used that illustration to teach those closest to him a lesson about giving. And the lesson was that He cares more about what is left than what is given. This woman gave out of all she had to live on...it was sacrificial and it was heartfelt.
Every good and perfect gift we have is from God. The job that pays the bills and puts fuel in the cars. How are you giving? Are you consistently giving back a portion of what you have been given to care for to God? Do you go beyond that and bless others with offerings when they need a little help? Think about that story today...Jesus is watching. Would He be pleased?


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