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Have you told you lately, that you loved you?

Did you get up this morning and tell yourself just how beautiful you are and thank God that He made you just the way you are? Probably not. You are probably already thinking about your day and the possibility for trouble in the middle of it. If one of the most important things we can do on this earth is love our neighbor as we love ourselves, can you see the necessity of learning how to love yourself? God don't make junk! You are fearfully and wonderfully made according to what He said about you. What other people think...not really important. Tell yourself that this is YOUR day and that life is going to move favorably toward you today and people are going to respond to you in a beneficial way. It will truly make a difference. In John 17 when Jesus was praying(he's a pretty good example), he prayed for himself BEFORE the ones closest to him and the rest of the world. Was he selfish? No! He knew that in order for his calling and mission to be accomplished, he had to be healthy

We were talking about you...

is what Paul was saying to a group of church folks in Thessalonica. And when we pray for you and talk about you, he said that we always remember your "work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love and your patience inspired by hope." Work produced by faith Labor prompted by love Patience inspired by hope Our work(effort)is produced by our faith. That is why you are more valuable as an employee when you believe in the company. Your effort is produced by your belief system. Our labor is prompted by love. Labor is a deeper level of work. It requires more exertion and the level of love we have urges this extra mile mentality. Ever notice those people at the office that really enjoy working there, they love it and stay after everyone else goes home. Why? Because love prompts them to exert even more than average. Lastly it is patience inspired by hope. The only reason any of us can wait for anything is because we have a little bit of hope to hold on to. Perseverance comes

You're going to like the way you look!

We don't like to talk about it...for a variety of reasons. You did not wake up today and say to yourself that you were looking forward to some suffering! I've been teaching people at The Landing Community Church about suffering and what I have experienced. You can't teach what you don't know and you can't lead where you won't go. I've visited sufferings palace and I have stayed there many a day and night. I think we do not talk about suffering because we really don't understand it. We tend to ignore many things that we cannot explain. Yet I have realized some characteristics about suffering: 1- suffering affects everyone -you will go through seasons of suffering. Suffering is no respecter of persons. 2- often when we are suffering we do not have all the facts -its very hard to try and discern a season of suffering because we usually do not have all the information about it while it is happening. Perhaps that is the great frustration, we can't figure

Tuning in...

The other day I was in the car with some folks and they were listening to the radio. I mean they were listening to all of it! Every few seconds they would change the station in search of a song they liked. They would hear it, stay for a few moments and do it all over again. It was driving me crazy! They changed the frequency so much that I could not see how they could enjoy any of the songs. I think we are quite a bit like this when it come to tuning into our Creator. We get so busy and we are searching for something that sounds good continuously. Over and over again we change frequencies and miss the benefit of locking into one voice. Oh to just set it and listen! To just listen to one complete song! What stations are you listening to? Are you all over the dial? Why don't you tune into His frequency and listen for a day. See how much easier it is to enjoy what you hear when you stop looking for something else.And the best part is that once you have tuned in, you will find that h

Mind Images

Today it is overcast and stormy. It feels very gloomy. So I am imagining a sunny day with a slight warm breeze and the faint sound of a wave crashing into the shore. Why? Because that makes me feel better than a dark, rain-filled day. Imagination is a great thing. Worry is the wrong use of imagination. I am using it to paint the picture of a day that pleases me. I am taking an image I see in my mind and superimposing it on what is there. Then I focus on that. I have learned that whatever I focus on will develop. The circumstances of this day may or may not change. It could get worse. But I won't see it if my eyes are fixed on the image I imagined. Scripture tells us to fix our eyes on Jesus. Perhaps that is because when we are looking at Him we do not see the things that were sent to distract and disrupt our lives. When we superimpose Him over our day and our meetings, we see the world in a whole new light. So ask yourself today, what kind of day do I want? Then place that image

Hang in there!

"So don't get tired of doing what is good." Life can be challenging. As you integrate and run with the human race you run the possibility of getting injured or hearing things that could take the wind out of your sails. In the middle of the chaos we have got to remind ourselves that we were created to do the right thing. We cannot afford to get discouraged to the point that we are compelled to give in or give up. Whenever we have the chance, wherever there is an opportunity, we should be and do good to everyone, especially towards other believers. (Galatians 6:9-10) It may be a little rough right now. You may feel those old emotions that you thought were dead rising up again within you. Ask God to give you strength. Renew your mind by reading about what is on His mind. Don't get tired of taking the high road. At just the right time, your windfall will come!

Do the Dew

There is a Mountain in scripture that is known for its heavy amount of dew. Its called Mount Hermon and it is quite a blessing in the arid country in which it exists. It is used in an illustration of the "anointing' of unity and blessing that is upon us as believers. Psalm 133 says that it is good and pleasing when people get along. It is like precious oil being spilled upon someones head and running down their entire being covering them or saturating them with oil. Oil in scripture refers to the anointing and blessing of God. Picture today that God wants to pour out His anointing upon you, heavy like the dew of Mount Hermon, and completely cover you with blessing. You will slide through difficult situations and trials today because of that anointing. Imagine the Lord commanding all of heaven to take notice of you today and make certain that you succeed. Heavy anointing is yours today...just like the dew...only you don't do the dew, the dew does you!(oh that's just to

Thrill of victory...

Anyone who says that it doesn’t matter if you win or lose has never won. Life is full of great wins and painful defeats. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to be involved with both and I must say that winning is great. There is something released in the body, mind and spirit when victory occurs. That euphoric feeling and emotion makes everything else seem better for the moment. But just like the old ABC commercial, there is a thrill of victory and an agony of defeat. Losing does not feel pleasant. In fact it can really hurt. And in my life one of the things that I am noticing about is that it is even harder to lose after you have had a great win. Today it does matter if you win or lose. You are created to win and here is the twist for the follower of Christ. Even when you lose, you win. What? That’s right, when you feel defeated, God can use those feelings to rebuild and reshape you so that you get back in the game and win again. So don’t live defeated lives watching from the sideli

Fall into Goodness

I was reading a Psalm the other day, Psalm 23 to be exact. As I meditated upon those words I experienced a moment of joy as I read that "goodness and mercy" were following me every day. I've been followed by a lot of things in my life and goodness and mercy were not in the mix. Now I do have a great picture of this in my own life. I have a beautiful miniature dachshund named Midnight and when I come home from work, he is always thrilled to see me. He acknowledges me and I noticed the other day as I walked through the house that he followed me wherever I went. No matter what room I went into or how long I stayed there, he stayed with me and moved with me. As I laughed at his companionship I thought about God’s goodness and mercy. Goodness to help me make quality decisions and mercy to help me when I don’t make such good decisions. It’s always nice to know that whenever we take a hit in life’s journey, whenever we are attacked with such a strong force that we fall backward

What do YOU think?

"He's passé. Nobody cares about Mickey anymore. There are whole batches of Mickeys we just can't give away. I think we should phase him out." Roy Disney, Walt Disney's brother, 1937 I wonder what would have happened if Walt would have listened to his brother's comment in 1937? When someone won the Superbowl and were asked what they were going to do now, what would they have said if Walt dissed Mickey? Families would have nowhere to go on vacation! The good news is that Mr. Walt Disney had a mind of his own and a dream to turn to destiny. He not only believed it, he had strong convictions about that dream. You see beliefs are things that you hold; convictions are things that hold you. So the next time anyone tells you that you cannot acheive what you are passionate about, aks yourself what YOU think. Perhaps its time to follow your heart!

Raising the Standard

There are all types of "standards" that have been set in life. We sometimes refer to standards as the bar by which we measure success or lack of. Proverbs 16:11 tells us that "the Lord demands fairness in every business deal; he sets the standard." Often we allow ourselves to do things half-heartedly and become involved with only a partial interest or enthusiasm. It is most certainly true that you will get out of anything in direct proportion to what you put into it. I've heard kids say that they don't get anything out of school. Often I find out they never truly "study" and they have little if any interest in the subjects. Some say that they feel like the church is not meeting their needs. Talk to them and you may often discover that they have never served in a ministry outreach opportunity or that they serve so much they have missed the very core teachings of the church. Men and women that are disenchanted at their jobs may find that the job no

I Can't Get No Satisfaction

There are many dis-satisfied people today. Just take a look around you. They want to work less, make more money, have better things, see gas prices drop! Oh to be satisfied!In 1 Timothy 6 it gives us another look at this dilemma: "for we didn't bring anything with us when we came into this world and we certainly cannot carry anything with us when we die." It goes on to say "if we have food and covering, let us be content." Let us be satisfied with what we have and trust God to bring us what we need for the future. Contentment. Without Christ, we will all be saying I can't get no satisfaction. With Christ we are saying "I'm lovin' it!" Godliness is a way towards great grace when it is partnered with contentment. Look at all that is around you today. Look at who is there and be happy about where you are right now and God can place you where you want to be at just the right time. It all starts by saying it. Proverbs 13:2 tells us that satisfac

Behavior Modification

How many speeds do you have? Most of us have two: extremely fast and completely shut off. For instance someone says something and we get angry and jump right into doing something. Then after a while when the rpm’s have died down we shut off. We do not attempt to do anything that will help us deal with the anger or keep it from coming back. Emotionally it is like sitting in your car in the driveway and that car is in PARK and you sit there with your foot holding the gas pedal to the floor. That sounds crazy doesn’t it? We need to learn how to modify our behavior. To act intentionally versus acting emotionally. It will require a programming change...a change in behaviors. There was a research team that was working on road rage and they taught their clients a new behavior strategy. Every time they found themselves getting angry at another driver they were to stop and think, “There goes my mom!” The next time you want to put the pedal to the metal, think about whether you are in gear to t

Demonstrative Praise

I used to enjoy playing sports as a young man. The thrill of physical combat and the eventually winner of the contest were inspiring to me. The best part about it was the congratulations every time we won. After high school I went into college and began to perform as a musician and when people applauded after I sang it was exciting! (they didn't always applaud!) Praise is best when it is demonstrated. Psalm 63 says: "O God you are MY God; early will I seek you:; MY soul thirsts for you;MY flesh longs for you in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water. So I have looked for you in the sanctuary..." David is demonstrating his praise for God by thirsting and longing for Him. Read on in that chapter and you see his voice involved, his hands involved and his mind involved. He is demonstrative in his praise because it is clearly evident. Perhaps you have a hard time giving praise because you never received praise. You are not aware of the emotional lift it can bring be


The Masters begins day in Augusta. Psychologists are saying that Tiger Woods has a one stroke lead already, before they even begin, due to intimidation. When he plays in a tournament they say it affects how other golfers play. This principle is not uncommon. If you are an athlete and you play with people that are more skilled than you are, you seem to play better. At work the same type of things happen. So in business, why not surround yourself with some of the brightest and most enthusiastic folks to help bring your game to a higher level? Why not find a group of folks doing what you want to do and get some insight into what really happens where you want to be? Why? Intimidation. Some folks do not practice this principle because they are intimidated by having anyone that appears to operate at a higher level around them. In ministry, intimidation shows up as people start to look at other ministers or ministries and compare themselves. This will almost always lead to something that is

It's not your fight!

"He who corrects a scoffer gets shame for himself, And he who rebukes a wicked man only harms himself. Proverbs 9:7 A scoffer or one who likes to ridicule is not the type of person that you and I should "hang" with. Often I find myself getting caught up in things that I should not have even been simply because...."I was only trying to help". Have you ever found yourself in someone else's battle and wondered why you were standing there in the middle of a war zone with wounded bodies all around you? You may have said those words too..."I was only trying to help". Not every battle is yours to fight. I would imagine that at some moment today, another person will try to attach you to their mess either with a phone call if gossip, or a conversation over coffee of envy or bitterness. Choose to say no to "trying to help". Remember, you aren't God! One of the definitions of a scoffer is: someone that is derided. In other words they are f

One Touch Access

I was reading a chapter of Ephesians the other day. Right at the beginning of the first chapter Paul is asking that grace and peace move in our direction. Grace being defined as undeserved favor and spiritual peace which really means harmony with God and undisturbedness. I sat up in my chair when I read those words because I am always praying that peace would rule my life. And since I am a musician, harmony has always been huge in my life. In the third verse it says that we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realm! What? That's right, read it again, every spiritual blessing. That means that all of those wonderful gifts that are given to us by God's spirit are openly available for download today into your life. I have a Blackberry and it keeps me connected to the world that I roam in. One of my favorite parts of this BB is that when new software comes out, I get notified and sent to a place where I am able to access that info. There is always an O

What is it about Mondays?

Why is it harder to get moving on Monday morning? Many would say it is because it comes after 2 days off from work. But I work on Sundays so it is more like another workdays for me and still hard to get going and stay motivated. What if it is all in our head? What if we have been conditioned since we were in grade school to be miserable on Monday because it was back to school? Perhaps we could try to look at this as a wonderful and fresh start to a week that we have not encountered any difficulties...yet! I am going to lift up my head, wake up my spirit and have an incredibly wonderful Friday attitude on this Monday morning. It's all in perception and how we look at it. So why not look at it in a more beneficial and exciting way? Hey everyone, get up! It's Monday! What a week we week in front of us!

A Mountaintop Experience...

This week as I have been in the mountains writing and pondering, I thought back to the most famous series of lessons that the Lord shared with those closest to him. It is called the Sermon on the Mount and you find it in Matthew chapters five through seven. There was always a reason and purpose for everything that Jesus did and the central theme of this teaching was to make the disciples 'perfect'. That does not mean sinless or morally pure but rather complete, whole and means that we are all that God wants and desires us to be. If you read those chapters you get a glimpse of what our attitude should be in the Beatitudes. There are lessons on salt and light, fasting, wealth, hypocrisy, judgment, prayer and obedience to name a few. All given to help develop a well-rounded, sound-minded follower. I realized something this week and that was how important prayer is. I need to pray more. Often my conduit for exchange with God(prayer),becomes obstructed and in those seaso

"Live, Laugh, Love"

I have a small paperweight in my office that has these three words on it: Live-Laugh-Love. Seems easy enough but most of us end up making a living rather than living a life. And when was the last time you really laughed; I mean laughed till your stomach hurt and your eyes watered? I think that when we learn how to live and laugh, love happens. As things begin to develop today that are not part of your plan, stay focused.god is in contral of the happenings. Why worry about what you cannot change? Live a little. Laugh a lot. And let love flow out from the inner-most core of your being. When this happens your very presence will transform all the people around you. People will begin to love laughing with you as you begin to truly live. So go ahead-Live,Laugh,Love!


Yesterday I did not watch television. I awoke to a sunny and slightly cool day in the Ozark Mountains and I began to CREATE. I started to put some of the finishing thoughts together for my book called TRANSITIONS. It wasn't until late last night that I reized that the TV was not in my day. I usually open the day with SportCenter of Headline news so by not having it on I had disconnected myself from what was happening. What I connected to were living things, people around me and the imaginative creative spirit bubbling inside of me. I wonder how many of us fail to create what is within us because we stay connected to things that pull us away or drag us down? Maybe you should disconnect yourself today and see what happens? Shake up your routine! I believe that you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was!

Crazy for God!

Yesterday I went to a TV show taping while on my retreat in Missouri. I'm here because Missouri loves company! The show was talking about how we need more people that are crazy for God. Unity and working together. A fanatic is someone who is more excited than you are! Unfortunately in today's church culture there is a competative nature that seems to rise up at various times. Many people today measure the success of their calling by how many people come. Often leaders feel pressured to create something just so they can be competitive with other groups. Why do we feel the need to compete? I do believe that there are times when competition is healthy. But we cannot allow it to take over. God called each of us to not compete with each other but rather complete each other. Maybe today we can all look out for an opportunity to help make someones CRAZY for God! Perhaps at the end of this day someone else's world will be brighter because of you! You complete me!